Prayer List - please pray for the following

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Patty Davis

Rosina Ready

Santa Crout

Sylvia Stevens

Michelle Summers

Craig Giamalva

Bob Bowen

Kent Bowen

Eileen Balmes

Ray Butz

Landon Lemonis

Danny Hassin

Delores Tennon

Trish Harris

Chris Haslob

Bessie Saway

Carolyn Rehm

Marion Viberg

Jane Hipp

Marie Lodes


Jim Welch, father of Tonya Sweeney

Michael Noonan, brother of Fr. Patrick Noonan

Tami May, friend of Ro Agosta

Darrell Roe, friend of Ro Agosta

Lindsey Lemon, granddaughter of Teresa & Jesse Spain

Chris Grillis, friend of Tim Corbitt

Robert Young, husband of Paula Young

Larry Moeller, brother-in-law of Teresa Davis

Pam Weatherly, niece of Linda McKinion

Fr. Ed Balser

Bobbie Manieri, mother of Jerry Manieri

Bowen Smith, grandson of Kent & Mary Bowen

Monica Allison, daughter of Winnie Browman

Karen Mohindroo, sister of Michelle Lalo

Sarah Wall Nix, daughter of Marguerite Wall

Tina Keller, niece of Michelle Lalo

Jim & Lynne Prator, parents of Jennifer Henry

Tommy Autrey, husband of Dot Autrey


Dunlap Peeples

Fr. Patrick McDermott

Dorothy Gross, mother of Deb Scott

Christopher Overman, grandson of Linda Overman

Dale Givens, brother-in law of Joel and Pat Barber

Hazel Rhodes, mother of Laverne Finley

Helen Wray, aunt of Rita Wray  and great aunt of Tamika Wray

Betty Toten, mother of Donna Morris

Brother Michel Bettigole, brother of Mary Trepanier

Michael Cash Medders, grandson of Linda McKinion

Bernie Holman, brother of Al Holman

Bob Devillier, husband of Carol Devillier

Kathleen Vedder, mother of Lauranna Bennett

Marion DeVille, uncle of Nanette Sanderson

Ken Deller, friend of Gene Valentine

Ronnie Starns (former parishioner)



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