Prayer List - please pray for the following

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Jim Peacock

Joseph LeBreton

Ed Hayes

Dot Autrey

Michael and Rita O'Boyle

Ben Ticknor

Nancy Stewart

Sammie Glorioso

Abby Flaherty

Bob Flaherty

Patrick Janes

Linda Klein

Jim Mathews

Michelle Summers

Bob Bowen

Kent Bowen

Ray Butz

Delores Tennon

Chris Haslob

Bessie Saway

Carolyn Rehm

Marion Viberg

Jane Hipp

Marie Lodes


Nathan Cooper, grandson of Amy Kaiser

Frances Burford, mother of Gail Cado

John Melican, brother-in-law of Gail Cado

Steve Richards, friend of David & Melinda Cannon

Conrado Gali, grandfather of Jojo Gales

Michael Roberts, son of Nath & Jim Roberts

Vincent Muffuletto, brother of Ron Muffuletto

Peggy Cothran, mother of Melinda Cannon

Theresa Fluhr, niece of Maxine Miller

Valerie Bergsten, mother of Dawn Clancy

Dianne Enis, mother of Rebecca Hayes

Ardis Pansegraw, grandmother of Cinda Sexton

Denise Reaves, sister of  Sue Smith

Bud Lowe, brother of Joyce Franco

Matteo Robitaille, nephew of Josee Gavin

Mickey Gavin, stepson of Josee Gavin

George Kehle, brother of Betty Heathman

Beverly Kehle, sister-in-law of Betty Heathman

Michael Noonan, brother of Fr. Patrick Noonan

Tami May, friend of Ro Agosta

Darrell Roe, friend of Ro Agosta

Lindsey Lemon, granddaughter of Teresa & Jesse Spain

Chris Grillis, friend of Tim Corbitt

Robert Young, husband of Paula Young

Larry Moeller, brother-in-law of Teresa Davis

Pam Weatherly, niece of Linda McKinion

Fr. Ed Balser

Bobbie Manieri, mother of Jerry Manieri

Bowen Smith, grandson of Kent & Mary Bowen

Tina Keller, niece of Michelle Lalo

Jim & Lynne Prator, parents of Jennifer Henry

Tommy Autrey, husband of Dot Autrey

Eric Hibbs, nephew of Sally Jordan


Devin Berlin, friend of Carly Marie Harkins

Bill Tapscott, brother of Scotty Tapscott

Kaleel Salloum, brother-in-law of Ed Thomas

Pat Owen, husband of Judy Owen

Patty Davis, mother of Darrock Flynn

Steven Kaskie, older brother of Fr. Brian Kaskie

Florence Cerami, mother of Fred Cerami

Billy Brechtel, brother of Michael Brechtel

Mildred Johnson, mother of Sherry Pitts

Eileen Bossen

Mark Buechler, cousin of Janie Romero



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